Holiday Communi-tea

I love tea. I have more tea than I could probably ever drink in my cabinet, but somehow keep acquiring more. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this freebie in a recent order I placed to Adagio Tea. It's a week's worth of single-serving samples of holiday themed teas. I tried 'em all and here's what I got.

(*This is not a sponsored post of any kind, I just love tea a lot.)


Gingerbread (black tea)
"Blended with black tea, natural gingerbread flavor, cinnamon, orange & ginger."

Sweet Rococoa (rooibos)
"An embellished, cocoa-inspired blend of creamy honeybush chocolate, toasted honeybush hazelnut, and sweet wild strawberry, curled up with accent-scoops of cinnamon, chocolate chips, and strawberry pieces."

Cocomint (green tea)
"Fresh and cool, with a smooth, sweet minty flavor and whisps of chocolate."

Raja Oolong Chai (oolong tea)
"The rich complexity of oolong tea lays a smooth foundation for a majestic cup, packed with savory spice notes and hypnotic aroma. Elements of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chicory and cocoa nibs harmoniously blend together."

A Festivus for the Rest of Us (black tea)
"Black tea, orange, natural chocolate flavor, dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, natural orange flavor & natural creme flavor."

Yuletide Toddy (herbal blend)
"This herbal blend is a lovely duet of classic holiday flavors (cranberry and orange) with the added sparkle of cinnamon spice."

Christmas (black tea)
"This blend of bright, tangy Ceylon black tea flavored with warm cinnamon, pungent cloves, and orange peels is a Christmas delight."
Summary: The Adagio site has a "communi-tea" page for customers to upload pics, share their reviews, and participate in a chatroom discussion, which is sort of a fun idea. The tea-a-day sample experience is available as a month-by-month subscription box, a good way to sample a wide range of their offerings (and there are a LOT). I enjoyed all the teas for the most part, but I would have liked them to be a bit stronger. I would have used more tea leaves per cup than I was given in the sample -- I like a bold cup. All were pleasant, though. I added cream & sweetener to Gingerbread, Sweet Rococoa, Raja Chai, Festivus, and Christmas. Added only sweetener to Yuletide. Didn't add anything to Cocomint & drank it straight up (this particular blend was good for a couple of steepings). I had tried Cocomint in the past, and initially didn't care for it much but liked it more this time around. In general, I prefer teas that don't require cream & sweetener, but most of these were dessert-type teas. 
Overall, I'd give the sampler pack a 7/10 for the experience & the tea variety.   
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