Cheapie Halloween trinkets

Yesterday I had to stop at the pharmacy, so while I was there I decided to check out the seasonal offerings there, and at Dollar Tree next door.

Still slim picking everywhere in my area. Stores seem to be at 50% of their normal Halloween capacity, at best. Anyway, here's a few things I picked up.

From Dollar Tree I got the Halloween bone beads (left), the pumpkin truck socks, and the LED projector light. (I also got a hanging ghost, a red felt autumn leaf placemat, and a fuzzy web wreath with a pink glittery spider in the center, not pictured).

From Rite Aid I got the bat and stripey socks and the festive napkins. I mean, look at these. The artwork is so great.

I've never seen pumpkin trucks socks before. Hey, the more Halloween socks, the merrier.

Here's the Dollar Tree projector in action, it's not bad for a buck, might look pretty cool overlapped with one of those fire/ice projectors.

That's all for now! I am currently packing for my red-eye flight out of Seattle tonight. My next post will be in Connecticut, flight schedules willing!

Signs of Autumn's arrival

I've been meaning to update more, but life has had other plans getting in my way: work, prepping for my upcoming trip to Connecticut, and some stressful personal issues.

But I got to see a really beautiful pumpkin patch yesterday and I wanted to share it here. This is McMillin Farm in Puyallup, WA.

Not much in the way of colorful foliage out here yet, other than little hints of it.

Click the photo above for a 2021 Fall Foliage Prediction map for the US! According to the site, foliage will peak in CT around 4-11 October, and in WA around 11-18 October. 

(photo by Petrichor & Pumpkins/ Nebulosus Severine/ CMPauluh 2021)

Weekend plans

I've had a pretty busy week and have a busy weekend ahead of me, too. I'm leaving next Thursday evening to spend another few weeks in CT, so there's lots to get done before then. One of my weekend goals is to get a few Halloween decorations up. I thought about this for a moment the other day and then realized that I don't have to put any pressure on myself to do so, because Halloween decorating is an all year thing.

I can put up a few more/new things of course, but I always have a bunch of stuff out all year, anyway. That said, I am hopefully going to at least put up a string of purple and/or orange lights outside on the porch, and maybe browse a few places to hunt for Halloween things. Happy weekend!

(animated gif by Petrichor & Pumpkins/Nebulosus Severine/CMPauluh 2021)

DIY Jackos

Youtube has learned that I enjoy jack o'lanterns, so it recommended this video to me by the INCREDIBLE Halloween artist, Cathy LeBeau. I first saw her work before on her Instagram page, which shows off some of her amazing creations. 

As far as iconic Halloween artists go, I'd say she rivals even the illustrious Pumpkinrot. She deserves to be at least as well-known as he is among the Halloween/haunt community. I mean, maybe she already is and I'm just late to the party! Enjoy this tutorial and then watch this one, a detailed walkthrough of her most recent home haunt in 2019:


It seems that she has retired from haunting, but not from her art itself. Her social media channels have been quiet for awhile, although she did post an small update to her Instagram in early September. Let's hope she posts some more of her autumn activities this year!

From family-friendly to horror

Remember the trend of making fake movie trailers by remixing footage to give them a whole new genre and an entirely different vibe?

Here are two of my favorites -- Mary Poppins and Little House on the Prairie as horror films:

The Little House on the Prairie one looks genuinely freaky and if I knew nothing about the show I would totally believe it was legit a horror film. 😂

The chair that came back

I had just been writing another post but had to stop and begin this one instead, because one of the weirdest experiences of my life just happened. It's about, of all things, a broken chair.

We used to have a pair of kitchen chairs that my partner had had forever before dating me. They served us well but started to get a bit old, and were starting to fall apart; the fasteners that held them together were getting loose and we didn't know how to fix them. One almost fell out from under my partner one night as we were sitting down to dinner, so we then decided it was time to let them go. They weren't completely trashed, we figured someone who had a workshop could fix them up, so we left them by the side of the road with a sign that said "Free" on them. They were gone the next day and they faded into memory. This happened probably at least two years ago. 

I had no reason to think of them again until last night, when I was looking through old photos for something else, and in the same batch of pics I was looking through, an older pic of our kitchen popped up, taken around the time we did some rearranging & cleaning.

I scrolled past the pic, a few of my brain cells firing on "Huh, oh yeah, those old chairs. I remember them." This photo was taken on 6th September, 2017. I acknowledged the memory, and then I moved on to whatever else I was doing.

And here, now, less than 24 hours later...

About half an hour ago, my partner came back in from taking out the trash to find that one of the chairs, one of THOSE chairs, had....returned. 

To the same spot we had left it by the road a couple years ago in front of our apartment.

With a sign on it saying "Free." In different handwriting.

I had made no mention of the photo of the chairs that I had literally just found the night before.

I asked my partner to bring it up to our porch, because I had to see it to believe it.

I mean, I haven't thought about these chairs in years. And less than 24 hours after seeing that old photo above, this just SHOWS UP.

Fucking HELL.

And the weird thing is?

It appears to be intact -- was it repaired?? 
Who the fuck would have done it - chair elves??

I don't even know how to wrap my head around this one.

There's gotta be an explanation for this, right?

I swear to Christ I am not making any of this up. 

Maybe someone in my partner's family did this? I don't know. They are not the practical joking type. We're going to ask my partner's dad, our landlord, if he can watch the security cam footage. I kinda hope there's NOT a logical explanation for this. It CAN'T be one of those same chairs, can it??

Music Monday - New Iron Maiden album

Iron Maiden's latest album, Senjutsu, was released on 3rd September! I'm digging it so far.

Yes, during my teen years I was a bit of a metalhead, surprise surprise. I still have a soft spot for a lot of the bands I listened to back in Ye Olde Days. Maiden is one of those bands that still fucking shreds as hard as they ever have. Click the album cover below to listen:

Forest Bathing

I got some much needed time outdoors in nature today. Today's hike was at Nolte State Park in Enumclaw, WA.

(Note: This park requires a Discover Pass for admission except on state park free days)

There is a definite chill in the air and it smells like autumn. The leaves are just starting to turn here, but it's obvious that summer has passed.

It was mostly overcast today into the late afternoon. Perfect conditions for a walk around the lake and to partake in some forest bathing, ..."the practice of immersing yourself in nature in a mindful way, using your senses to derive a whole range of benefits for your physical, mental, emotional, and social health." (source)

We were lucky, it was mostly quiet and hardly anyone else there, just a few folks out for an afternoon stroll, walking their dogs and whatnot. 

It had rained a bit earlier, so everything was damp, cool, and green in that pleasant Pacific Northwest kind of way. Quite a few slugs, snails, caterpillars, squirrels, birds, and other sweet creatures going about their business.

This park is home to some pretty impressively massive trees, too. Pics don't do much to give a sense of scale.

So many tiny treasures and details to discover along the way: ferns, moss, berries, spiderwebs, sunbeams, and other magic. And the calming scents of the forest and the earth hanging in the air.

Today's small adventure was good for my entire being, body, mind, & soul. I'm really stoked about this autumn and look forward to enjoying it as much as I possibly can.

I recommend this park for almost anyone, it's a beautiful quiet place that seems most visited by the locals. The hike around the lake is only about 1.4 miles with fairly even terrain and only a couple of hills, which aren't very steep. It looks like boating, fishing, and even swimming are other activities one might want to do here. There are quite a few benches along the way for peaceful pondering, and picnic tables & a couple of event spaces that can be reserved for a fee. 

Even the drive out here was pleasant, scenic and pretty. On the way home, the sun came out a bit so we were able to enjoy the Golden Hour from the road.

(All photos and content by Petrichor & Pumpkins/Nebulosus Severine/CMPauluh 2021)

The best Beetlejuice t-shirt ever??

I will be attending a Beetlejuice-themed immersive theater event in a few weeks called The Netherworld Experience at the Curioporium in Hartford, CT. Beetlejuice has been one of my top favorite films since I first saw it on the big screen eons ago and I wanted to find a fitting shirt to wear for the evening. I searched and searched thru many many different styles on different online merchants and finally, I saw this and knew this was THE one I had to have, by NerdChamber on Etsy:

Click on the pic above to watch a movie clip!

"This is not a horror video..."

...Or so the uploader of this video claims in the video description. 

I've seen it. It's... surreal and unsettling. That's all I will say. It's just 12 minutes long. Have you seen it yet?


Go on then. Sit alone in the dark, and watch it. What do you think?

2021 playlist cover art announcement

Yesterday, I announced that my 2021 Halloween mixtape is under construction, so today I figured I'd leak the album cover:


New Halloween playlist under construction

I've been slowly sifting through my various Halloween playlists (like the one pictured above) and music collections to curate a music experience for the 2021 season.
I will post it on 1st October 2021, so stay tuned!

(click the pic for a sample track on this year's list)


Spirit 2021

I paid my first visit of the season to Spirit Halloween over the weekend. I didn't go at all in 2020 so I was really looking forward to it. 

As with so many Halloween retail locations around here, it's obvious they are lacking in stock. Lots of half-empty and sparse displays. Perhaps even more disappointing, hardly any of the animatronics were on display, maybe only 5 or 6. And of those that were out, some weren't even fully operational. There were several very conspicuously empty spots where more were supposed to be. 
From all the hype I had been seeing and hearing elsewhere online about Spirit's 2021 offerings, I was really bummed that so much of it was not available at the store I visited. Underwhelming. I don't know why our area is getting so screwed in regard to Halloween shipments this year. 

This ghost was pretty rad, though - genuinely spooky voice.

I'm pretty tired of the psycho clown thing for Halloween, but I like neon stuff so this guy gets a pass.

They had some pretty cool home decor type stuff this year, but I'm honestly getting tired of the oversaturation of licensed characters and franchises. I mean, I LOVE Beetlejuice, etc. but part of the reason I've been so drawn to the Halloween and horror aesthetic is that it is, or was, more subversive and off the beaten path of mainstream culture. Now a lot of it has, literally, become Disney-fied, and that doesn't sit well with me. I loathe the idea of Halloween becoming too watered down and "family-friendly". But, that's an entirely different conversation.

One thing I did love at Spirit this year, however, is the "Pumpkin Carv-O-Matic Factory" display - I consider this to be one of the most fun displays they've had in years.

I didn't end up buying anything except for a couple of "bleeding" black taper candles. I'll be visiting another Spirit in a few weeks when I go back to Connecticut for awhile, it will be interesting to compare the two stores.